Consulenti & Partners is a partnership of experienced business executives, based in offices situated in the most strategic areas in Italy. Each of them has extensive experience in market and business development.
Our mission is: providing market and business development capabilities to companies who wish to enter or enhance their position in business.

Each Italian office has its specific skills and physiognomy, due to its history, ten to thirty years of business experience. This competence is shared with other partners through a coordinator, and is checked at origin in terms of reliability, professionalism, references.

Our international partners are offices similar to ours, based in main world locations. They cooperate in realizing required services, like starting a new market or sales network, creating and organizing production units, joint-ventures and whatever can be involved in business between Italy and all other countries.

Reasons to use the services of Consulenti & Partners:

1. The core business of Consulenti & Partners is market and business development for companies, and it is made up of business executives from the most varied field of industries and services, based in the most strategic areas in Italy and the world.
2. Consulenti & Partners have recourse to a preferential and firm network of relationships with professional successful salespersons (any field and level), considering especially the offers of our organization rather than those arriving from the other usual channels (newspapers ads, etc).

3. Consulenti & Partners attends to all steps of searching, selecting, recruiting qualified examinees in a short time, with a well-tried system, that is less expensive and more reliable than conventional ways.
4. Consulenti & Partners can deliver a complete and qualified assistance in creating, maintaining and managing a sales network, with training and control delivered in outsourcing.
5. Consulenti & Partners delivers services in every part of the world.
6. Consulenti & Partners is an associate of APCO which is a member of the ICMCI, and complies with the professional code of ethics.

· Business development – Global consulting for small companies – Time consulting.
Searching and recruiting salespeople for Italy and the world (any kind and level of salespeople) - Sales network creation.
Providing and starting commercial channels in foreign countries, complete package.
Creating and starting production units in foreign countries – searching for business partners in foreign countries.
Training and motivating salespersons.


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