This highly efficient organization gives us a local presence and allows us to be very active on the Russian Federation market.

We promote products by European companies that want to introduce their products to key customers across the entire Russian Federation and neighbouring countries.

Our company is based in Chiasso, Switzerland, and is a Swiss joint stock company. We are associated with a number of professional studios and offices in Italy and other foreign countries.

Our Moscow offices occupy over 200 sq. m., employ 18, and are located only a 20 minute metro ride from Red Square. This organization is fully autonomous, in terms of both administration and sales.

Our organization is able to initiate and manage the release of products on this extensive market with professionalism, following the only method for success for the current reality in this area.

We present ourselves as agents, but we act as the "Russian office" of the Italian companies we represent, covering the full spectrum in order to attain the best possible results.

We can set up ready-to-ship warehouses for selected goods, making them available for immediate shipment to stores.

When necessary, we directly handle transport, customs, local and foreign currency transactions, product certification, and anything else that is necessary to provide top sales support, offering a service that is indispensable for the purchaser.

Our organization's management and staff are under our personal care, guaranteeing constant local presence.

What can we do for you:

  • For the period established, we can be your "Russian sales office", promoting your products across the entire Russian Federation, determining market interest and selling your products, providing potential customers with an image of your company, guaranteeing Russian customers suitable service from your company, and providing you with specific suggestions for marketing on the Russian market, based on the customers' reactions.

  • We offer you a highly professional, direct, targeted service with interested, sizable parties located in the main areas of the Federation and in the neighbouring countries.

  • We offer you the only proven method for truly understanding if this market is accessible for your products or not. At the same time we address it directly and provide immediate sales if the product is of interest to the customer base.

  • Our actions are practical, not theoretical, direct and immediate.

  • We do not "get lost" in useless market studies: we sell!

  • We meet with customers and present your product!

  • We handle all the difficulties of the market.

  • We provide an indispensable service for customers who want to purchase products from the Italian companies we represent.

  • Within our organization, each line/product has a manager who is responsible for finding the most suitable clientele.

  • Periodically we travel to various areas within the Russian Federation to promote our brands and to acquire new target customers.

  • Areas outside Moscow that we periodically visit for promotion: Nisninogorad - Kazan - Ufa - Samara - Voronezh - Saratov - Volgograd - Rostov Nadanu - Yekaterinburg- Perm - Chelyabinsk - Omsk - Novosibirsk - Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk - Vladivostok - Khabarovsk - Krasnodar - Sochi - Saint Petersburg.

Our Terms:

  • Our contract is a consulting agreement with the subject: introduction, promotion, and sale of the seller's products, negotiations with interested parties/representatives, management of contracts and all other necessary actions to establish relations with customers who wish to purchase the seller's products, management of customers, and market development.

  • We manage each phase like a local, Italian company office.

  • Our costs are a percentage of the concluded, finalized sales as well as an initial lump sum for the organizational and promotional expenses; that is, a contribution towards the costs of the initial period of market approach, which requires investment and sacrifice during the initial phase.

Other important support that we offer with the organization outlined above:

  • Companies that participate in expositions held in Moscow (which we recommend) are assisted by our product manager and our interpreter.

  • We take care of the exposition.

  • We fully manage requests for product certification in the seller’s name within the estimated cost.

  • Problem Solving Management: payments, local currency transactions, product guarantee, transport, customs, etc.

  • Legal and administrative assistance.

We are certain we can provide you with the best opportunity for testing and facing what is now the most significant market with the greatest mid- and long-term prospects.


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